MKL's 1973 R75/5 LWB Toaster

The R75/5 as I bought it on 7/26/03

Background: After years of lusting after these old workhorses, I finally got serious and decided to buy one for myself as a present for getting halfway through grad school. My idea is to take the old beast apart, and lovingly rebuild it to new condition. The purpose of this site is to document my progress as the rebuild takes place.

More Pictures: Some more pictures of the bike as I picked it up. Here is the right side, the front, and the Wixom Trunk with chrome luggage rack.

--Inspirations For the Build--

There are three main inspirations I am using for this build, all Toasters in various forms from stock to radical cafe. Pictures can be found here:

Excellent Condition Toaster with Stock Appearance

Mild R75/5 Cafe with Fairing

Jim Franzen's Radical R75/5 Cafe Racer


Here it is, step by step: The bike was picked up 7-26-03 with 9,623 miles on the odometer. After 30 years in use, it's impossible to say for certain that this is the total original mileage, but given the very good condition of the bike as I bought it, it just may be the case. I immediately removed the Wixom saddlebags and the engine guard, drove the bike around for a few miles, and noted that it ran just fine. On 7-30-03, I replaced all fluids, the oil filter (BMW OEM), the air filter (BMW OEM), and drove it around for a few hundred more miles. I began teardown on 8-4-03.

8-4-03: Removal of Subframe and Rear Fender

8-5-03: Removal of Fuel Tank, Front Fender, Bing Carbs, and Exhaust System

8-6-03: Removal of Headlight Shell, Instrument Cluster, Handlebars and Controls, and Rear Wheel

8-7-03: Removal of Final Drive, Front Wheel, Left Fork, and Wiring Harness

8-8-03 - 8-10-03: Final Teardown

9-25-03: September Update (Right Cylinder Scored, Top End Off, Misc Details)

12-30-08: Starting Over Where We Left Off

4-20-09: Slow But Steady Progress Continues


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