MKL's '98 1200C

Gorilla Cycle Alarm Impressions

Initial Impressions: This small, self contained unit is relatively simple and affordable as far as bike alarms go. There is no pager feature, and no fancy ignition cutoff feature either - then again, it only costs $75! Installation is very easy - takes about 30 minutes to wire it up (directly to the battery). What takes longer than installation is finding a secure place to mount the damn thing - although the alarm is compact (approximately 3-1/8"H x 3.5"W x 1-3/4"D), it is difficult to find an inconspicuous place to secure it on the Sportster. 

Features: The alarm comes with one key FOB, with which you can activate the system. You can get more FOBs at extra cost, or equip the FOB with a garage-door opening feature for extra cost. The alarm itself has tilt sensing, current sensing (if you try to start the bike while it is armed), and shock sensing. The alarm can be activated with the shock sensing feature turned off, which is useful, since the shock sensor is very sensitive - enough to be set off by a passing bike or train. However, you can adjust the shock sensitivity to 5 different levels, as well as adjust the sound of the alarm siren itself, via the key FOB. The alarm is LOUD - a claimed 120db. It definitely draws attention when it goes off. 

Reliability: My alarm has been excellent so far, even after being exposed to torrential showers, brake dust and heat from the disk brake (the plastic casing is partially melted), and having the unit casing actually split in half after mounting it between the rear fender and upper belt guard. First bump and CRUNCH! ;-) It STILL works! However, XL Lister DanC  (who purchased the same alarm at the same time) initially had problems with his unit. He had to send the alarm back to the factory for replacement, because it had a nasty habit of going off in the middle of the night for no apparent reason! DanC's replacement alarm has been trouble-free so far.

Overall: This is a useful device for extra peace of mind, but it is by no means a $400 state of the art alarm with all kinds of bells and whistles. Coupled with a combination of good quality locks, such as the White Bros. Pro-Sport Snake Lock and a Master Pro-Series Boron Alloy padlock, the Gorilla Cycle Alarm is just another foil for potential thieves to deal with. Believe me, if they want your scoot, they'll get it no matter what - but it's best to put up as many roadblocks as you can!

[NOTE: XL Lister DanC spotted a look alike alarm in the JC Whitney catalog for under $40. It might be the same unit without all the marketing behind it - take a look!]






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