MKL's '98 1200C

Formotion Products Stainless Steel Signature Series Gauges 2/03

(Top Left to Bottom Right) Formotion's Signature Series Thermometer, Clock, and Compass 2/03

Background: I first spotted a Formotion "Scooter Clock" in front of NYU in November 2002. The blackface clock was mounted to the throttle-side switch control housing on a bare bones 2002 black Sportster 1200 Custom, and it fit so well I thought it was OEM. The next day, I searched for Formotion's website, and decided to preview the full array of their top of the line Stainless Steel "Signature Series" gauges - the "Scooter Thermometer," "Scooter Clock," and "Scooter Compass." I chose whiteface gauges as a nice contrast to my standard blackface OEM speedometer and tachometer.

Quality: Flawless. The 18/8 stainless steel used for the gauge housings is finished in thick chrome, and the gauges themselves look expensive and feel substantial. The thermometer and clock come with chrome mounting brackets, while the compass' hidden bracket is flat black. Each gauge is shockproof, waterproof to 3 ATM, and has a scratch-proof crystal lens for durability. The clock has a Citizen movement and long-life battery, and the thermometer features coils which can be calibrated.  I was very impressed!

The Signature Series Thermometer and Clock Are 1.55" Diameter - Chrome Finish is Excellent 2/03

Mounting: Extremely easy, since all the necessary hardware to mount in most conventional locations is provided. The standard bracket on each gauge has a lip cutout on the mounting end, which fits perfectly within the bolt hole of the standard late model HD switch housings. With this standard bracket, you can mount on the switch housings or anywhere else you find a 1/4" bolt or screw. If you want to mount elsewhere, Formotion offers various alternative gauge holders, handlebar mounts, and stick-on versions of the gauges to mount just about anywhere on the bike. In addition to the included all-stainless hardware, each gauge comes complete with the proper hex wrench and tiny tube of Loc-Tite to finish the job. As shown, I placed the compass off of my throttle-side switch housing, and mounted the thermometer and clock off of the windshield bolts. There, they are peripherally visible while riding, blend in quite nicely with the bike's controls, and establish a common "theme" since the gauge faces match perfectly. Formotion's website features the gauges mounted in various creative locations, so you may want to check there for placement ideas before you proceed.

"Scooter Compass" Mounted on the Throttle-Side Switch Housing 2/03

Bottom Line: These gauges look as much at home on a bare-bones bike as they do on a fully accessorized one, especially when mounted in a tasteful location. The variety of mounting options is extensive, and the quality of the pieces themselves is truly outstanding. For the money, these gauges are bargains.

Update Note: As these gauges were being tested for this report in early February 2003, Formotion Products announced that it had contracted with Harley Davidson to manufacture the clock to match the standard OEM Harley speedometer and tachometer. This product will be sold as an HD item through HD dealerships. The "Harley version" is as shown below, from the "New Products" section of HD's website as of 2/03.

HD-version of Formotion's "Scooter Clock" Mounted on the Clutch-Side Switch Housing (from HD's Website 2/03)






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